Isn’t it romantic? February 14 is right around the corner, so Hiroko Fujikawa, owner of the deluxe MARS THE SALON ( located in West Hollywood, CA, created this flirty look for Valentine’s Day Nails. She calls the design “Love is in the Air”. Take this photo and how-to to your favorite salon as a guide if you don’t plan to be in West Hollywood in time to schedule your Venus-inspired MARS mani!

You will need:
• Base coat • Neon hot pink cream polish • Cotton-candy pink cream polish • Opaque white cream polish • Bright cherry-red cream polish • Fine detailing brushes • Top coat

The basic design is creating a heart shape which tapers to a point at the tip of your nail. We don’t recommend a sharp point, but a graceful oval is perfect.

  1. Apply base coat.
  2. Paint a heart – two sweeps, terminating at the free edge—on your thumb nail, using neon pink polish.
  3. Paint a heart, same method—on your middle finger, using white polish
  4. Paint a heart, same method—on your pinky finger. These three—thumb, middle finger and pinky—have solid hearts at the tip of the nail.
  5. Use a contrasting polish and a fine brush to create tiny dots on the solid heart-tips you have created.
  6. Visualize the clear tip of your index finger nail ending in the tip of a heart-shape. You will leave the lower half of the nail tip clear (no color). Apply the red polish to the top half of the nail, sweeping down into a delicate point in the center to suggest the curves of a heart. Awwww…..
  7. Do the same moves on the ring finger, except use white polish.
  8. Apply top coat.

This look is best on a longer, almond-shaped nail or enhancement. Short nails? No worries. We love a short, bright nail with tiny pin-dots like those in the photo. For the sweetest short look, paint all nails the same shade of pink or red, then highlight with tiny white dots.

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